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❤️ Lauren Gruwell ❤️

Hello! If you've found yourself here on my website, thank you for being here. I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am a professional level singer, studio musician, former vocal coach, and songwriter. I have been singing since before I could talk. It has always been my greatest passion in life.


Songwriting came later, but it has quickly become one of my greatest outlets. I can remember the first time I wrote a full length song. I can pin point the exact year (2001), because that year I lost my oldest brother to suicide. Losing him devastated me completely, and I turned to songwriting as a form of therapy. You will find a strong lean towards mental health issues in many of the songs I write. This is because it is something I deeply care about. I feel that music is an effective way to drive crucial and needed conversations regarding issues surrounding mental health. 

Music has always been able to speak for me, when I couldn't speak for myself. It has been one of my greatest therapists, healers, and friends. I've always felt that music has the ability to transcend my emotions and feelings, in a way nothing else can. Certain songs make me feel understood and known. I pray that my music can be that for you when you listen. 

Lastly, and most important, I believe in Jesus Christ and I love him with my whole heart. You will also notice if you stick around and listen to my songs, that much of my music testifies of Him. The one who heals my broken heart and makes me whole. I hope that as you listen, you can feel of the love Christ has for YOU! You are enough, for He loves you, exactly as you are!❤️